Become A Partner Of Newsong

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Newsong Church does not have membership, but rather partnership. A Newsong Partner is the next step from a visitor in that they actively participate in a ministry to serve God, aid the body of body of Christ, and serve the community.
To become a partner of Newsong, you must complete the growth track and fill out an application to become a partner. Based on your personality, your spiritual gifts, and your natural talents and interests, we will work together with you to find your sweet spot to serve God with the best that you can offer!
Current Ministries (The Dream Team):
  • Against the Flow (Teens/Students): Join the team that is building the next generation, one dynamic worship experience, relevant LifeGroup, impactful retreat, and life-changing mission trip at a time!
  • Central Team (Administration): This team utilized their gifts of administration and organization to voluneteer and serve along side the Executive Leadership Tea, at the Newsong Church Office.
  • Connection Tent: The team connects guest to the Church community, providing resources and information on all of our current events, ministry opportunities, and services at Newsong.
  • Outreach: This team is involved in countless ministries with a focus on bring Go’s love to our communities and the world.
  • Dream Team Service: This team faithfully serves to hose our very own Dream Team members by providing refreshments, prayer, and encouragement during service and special events.
  • Events Team: This team carefully plans and energetically hosts conferences, banquets, and other Church-wide events events. They prioritize valuing people and serving them with excellence.
  • Facilities: This team works diligently behind the scenes to maintain a spirit of excellence in every area of our church. Serving opportunities include baptism, conference and special events.
  • First Responders: This unit of health care providers serve to triage basic medical attention to our guests in the events of an accident or emergency at Newsong.
  • Greeters: This friendly team loves people and makes them feel at home here at Newsong. They welcome guests with a smile, encouragement and personal touch so that hearts are open to the Gospel message.
  • Growth Track Team: As the official hosts of our Growth Track, this team greets guests as well as provides materials and assistance throughout our four classes.
  • Hospitality: This energetic team connects with guests by offering a hot cup of coffee and a warm welcome.
  • Kidsong: This team creates an environment where children are consistently exposed to the real love of Jesus. They intentionally invest in the lives of our children through worship, videos, skits, games, and more.
  • Kidsong Check-in: This team welcomes families a they arrive at our Kidsong areas and facilities the check-in process that ensures children are cared for effectively and efficiently.
  • Kidsong Nursery: This team leads children into a real relationship with Jesus through Bible stories, worship, prayer, hands-on activities and personal interactions.
  • LifeGroup Facilitator: We believe that real lie change takes place in the context of relationship. As a LifeGroup Facilitator, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts, and live out the great commission.
  • Prayer Team: This team of trained intercessors covers the weekend and midweek services in prayer, preparing the way for the Lord. Join this team that is blazing the trail for God in our city!