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Newsong Church practices water baptism as an ordinance from Jesus Christ. If you would like to be water baptized, please fill out this registration form or visit our Connection Tent. You do not need to be a member of Newsong Church to be baptized by us.
Baptism may be misunderstood in today’s culture, and we’re here to help answer any questions. (PDF)
A – What is water baptism?
Water baptism is an outward sign of an inward change. Just before Jesus returned to heaven, He commanded His followers to preach the gospel to all people and to baptize believers. Baptism is a sign to everyone watching that he or she has accepted Jesus as Savior and that he or she plans to obey Jesus and live to please Him.
B – Who should be baptized?
Everyone who is sorry for his or her sins, repents, and believes in Jesus as Savior should be baptized. There is no age limit for baptism. When a person is saved and understands what baptism means, he or she should be baptized.
C – Does baptism save me?
No. Water baptism does not give us salvation. The Bible teaches that we can only be saved by repenting of our sin and believing on Jesus as Savior. If a person does not repent and believe, it does no good to be baptized. Water does not wash away sin — only the blood of Jesus can take away our sins.
D – What does “baptism by immersion” mean?
The New Testament was first written in Greek. The Greek word for baptize means “to go down under, to dip, to submerge.” Water baptism represents our identification with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. This is why each believer should be submerged in water at baptism, not have water sprinkled or poured on him or her. Since baptism is for those who have chosen to follow Jesus, this cannot include babies who are not old enough to make such a decision.
Ready to be baptized? Register here or at the Connection Tent.